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A beautifully maintained lawn & landscape is an asset to any homeowner and a relief to any close neighbors. Lawns and landscapes require proper care throughout the year.

Power-Raking, aerating, fertilizing, seeding, mowing, watering, and proper pruning, are all essential parts of the care cycle needed to keep your lawn and landscape lush, green, and healthy…

Since 1997 our outstanding service, quality, unique landscape designs, practical value, and competitive pricing has earned us a reputation as one of Michigan’s finest. Our services are backed by a team of experienced & educated professionals.

Weekly Lawn Service.
perfect lawnAnybody can cut grass, but professional and proper lawn mowing with precision and detail is something that many contractors find too time consuming. A proper lawn service company should know the type of lawn they are cutting. Different types require different tactics, and lawns grow best when the proper tactic is implemented by a trained professional.Some basic elements for a properly cut lawn are:

  • Sharp Blades
  • Clean Decks to eliminate the spread of foreign elements
  • Changing direction at 90 degrees from last cut, this is essential as it stimulates growth in a square and even pattern to eliminate scalping
  • Proper weed management
  • Cut height should not be too low, or too high, in order for the lawn to grow even
power raking benefitsThis is a great tool in your arsenal for the proper maintenance of your lawn. Excessive thatch is removed from your lawn, ensuring thick green growth along with minimal chance of insect and disease outbreaks.Power raking promotes a healthier lawn plus lower, cost effective maintenance, by reducing water consumption, fertilization consumption, and increasing proper air circulation.Without a professional power-raking, more than ¾ of these elements are consumed by the buildup of old thatch… wasting your time, money, and efforts.
Core Aeration.
aeration benefitsAeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to encourage and improve the naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and surrounding atmosphere. Core aeration promotes a healthier lawn combined with easier maintenance by improving air exchange, enhancing soil water intake, fertilizer intake, strengthening the root system, reducing soil compaction, and enhancing drought resistance.
Fertilization Services.
lawn fertilizationPartnered with Results Lawn Care,Pioneer offers full service programs both in manufactured and organic, earth friendly fertilization, including insect and disease fungicides, plus 5, 6, and 7 applicator programs. All our fertilizers are a timed/slow release application that are rated among the finest products to date. Our fertilization products carry a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Landscape Service.
landscapingWhether you’re building a new house or thinking about a change of scenery, landscaping your property is the absolute best way to improve it’s curb appeal, and value. Pioneer will transfer your dreams into absolute reality through complete design and consultation services, decking, garden structures, paver walkways, and retaining walls. Repair service is also available.
Property Maintenance Services.
property maintenanceWe offer a complete property landscape maintenance program tailored just for your individual needs. Programs include weekly lawn service, fall spring clean-up, lawn, tree, and scrub health, care, pruning, garden / annual planting, insect / disease prevention, irrigation system maintenance, installation, repair and winterization.
wood deckOur team of licensed carpenters can professionally construct, repair, or refinish your new or existing deck. We also install privacy fencing and refinishing services.
Irrigation Systems.
irrigation sprinklerC.L.I.A Certified installation, repairs, additions, moves, or changes.
No matter how nice of a lawn or landscape , an improperly running irrigation system can be the leading cause of degradation and failure.
Snow Removal & Ice Control.
snow plowDuring Michigan’s winters you need a reliable and responsive snow and ice removal company to insure the safty of your employees and customers while allowing your business to operate with as little interruption as possable. To this purpose, our staff and  our well equipped fleet of trucks makes every effort to provide a high level of service meeting both the snow plowing and salting needs of our customers, including 24 hour emergency service.
Commercial – Residential – Industrial – Subdivisions – Condo and Apartment Complexes
power washing and concrete sealing
Re-sealing Stamped Concrete

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